Refund Policy

Almost always our Support team can solve any problem you got with purchased software, therefore first of all please try to ask them to help you. Refunds can be issued only in the case of unsolvable problems with a software.

Because of the nature of digital products, we are not able to know the identity of the person who ultimately redeems the code. We are unable to check if a code has been redeemed or not without redeeming it.
For each order we ship, we track the day and the time at which the code was seen by the customer. Codes are guaranteed, provided they have not been seen by the customer. Once codes have been viewed, we bare no responsibility, nor can we guarantee the validity of the codes.

We understand that there may be times where errors are encountered with digital products. With this, we need to ask for the following:

1. Screenshot of the code being entered

2. Screenshot of the error encountered

Once the information has been received, an investigation will commence within one to three business days.

Please note that this is an approximate and may take longer depending on the complexity and nature of the code.

After the investigation: If the error with the code is confirmed, a refund or replacement will be given.

For redeemed codes issues: If the code has been redeemed after the code has been seen by the customer, this is considered as used and we are afraid that we cannot offer a refund or replacement.

Errors on codes must be reported to the Seller within 30 days of the date of purchase. There will be no refund or replacement for any error reported to us more than 30 days after purchase.

Customers should redeem the codes immediately upon purchase. Any issues concerning code expiry may not be subject for a refund or replacement.

The following conditions must be met for our products to be refunded:

  • Product not delivered (if the delivery email isn't received by a customer)
  • Download issues (if the product can't be downloaded properly)
  • Major defects (if the product has unexpected errors)
  • Invalidity (if the product key is invalid)

We do not accept returns for products which are not broken.

The merchant pays the shipping costs on returns.

To proceed with a refund, send an email to