User CAL for Windows Server 2019 Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

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  • Compatible with Windows Server 2019, unrestricted use
  • Secure remote access, session based and VM-based,
  • One-time purchase, no subscription, direct download from Microsoft
  • Llifetime warranty, no expiration, money-back guarantee, instant delivery

Windows Server 2019 RDS – User CAL

At Brytesoft, we don’t believe that software needs to cost the earth. Not only can we supply cut-price, full, and unrestricted copies of Windows Server 2019, but we can also supply user CAL licenses to help slash software costs further!

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What is a user CAL for Windows Server 2019 RDS?

For organizations that run Windows Server 2019, Client Access Licenses unlock the full potential of the operating system. Purchasing a User CAL for Windows Server 2019 allows the user to:

  • Use RDS services to get secure remote access to the server
  • Connect to session-based or VM-based desktops
  • Access server-based apps remotely

A user CAL is required for every user that needs to remotely access server settings. This makes it the perfect option for users that frequently access the server from different locations and/or multiple devices.

It is also a fantastic option for organizations that have more devices than users. In these instances, using User CALs is a great way to ease the strain on IT budgets.

Contact us today to find out more about our range of CAL licenses, or click Add to Cart and unlock the full power of Windows Server 2019 for a fraction of the usual cost.

User CAL vs. Device CAL – What is the difference?

When selecting the ideal CALs for your business, the major decision is whether to purchase a User or Device CAL. As the names suggest, the two licenses differ as to what “entity” is the actual licensee.

Choosing the right license is essential to keep costs as low as possible. The circumstances that have a bearing on the choice include:

  • User access – Is the user likely to access the server from multiple and/or unknown devices? If the answer is yes, then opt for a user license for ultimate flexibility.
  • Device access – Do users frequently “hot desk,” or do different shift patterns share the same devices? In these instances, it is better to opt for a Device CAL.

Whatever your CAL needs are, Brytesoft can help. Click add to cart to take advantage of our stunning offers on Windows Server 2019 CALs.

Why Purchase your Windows Server 2019 RDS User CAL from Brytesoft?

At Brytesoft, we don’t just offer incredible prices on CALs. We also pride ourselves on our commitment to providing outstanding customer support. This commitment means you can buy your CALs with complete confidence knowing that we have your back should any issues arise.

To assist you, we have created an extensive library of troubleshooting guides and walkthroughs. These are designed to make sure your customer experience is as smooth as possible.

But don’t just take our word for it – Check out our Trustpilot reviews. With 4.9 out of 5 stars from over 4700 reviews, we must be doing something right.

Click add to cart to purchase your Windows Server 2019 User Cals with complete confidence.

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