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Huge Savings for Resellers, Corporations, and on Any Volume Purchases

Whether you are a reseller looking to boost profits or an organization looking to cut costs, Brytesoft can help. With Brytesoft, you can make huge savings on your software costs with our range of discounted genuine Microsoft Product keys. All are available for a fraction of the usual cost!

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Huge Software Savings for Businesses and Resellers

With inflation soaring and overheads rising, isn't it nice to be able to buck the trend? That's exactly what our bulk software licenses allow you to do. Brytesoft's bulk purchasing scheme offers huge savings on the following products:

Microsoft Office

  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus: Fantastic prices available on Professional Plus 2016, 2019, and 2021 versions.
  • Microsoft Project: The standard-setting package is available in 3 versions.
  • Microsoft Visio: Create stunning diagrams, charts, and flowcharts with our discounted versions of Microsoft Visio.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio: Create bespoke software and more with Microsoft's development environment.
  • Microsoft Office Home & Business for Mac: For discounted Mac software, we offer 3 versions of Microsoft's office suite for Macs.

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Microsoft Windows

Discounted versions of the latest Pro versions of Microsoft Windows allow you to save costs across the board. Whether you are an equipment manufacturer or an organization looking to license multiple machines, Brytesoft has the solution.

  • Windows 10 Professional: Windows 10 was the operating system that returned Microsoft to the top of its game. Robust, fast, and reliable Windows 10 Professional remains a popular choice for desktops and laptops.
  • Windows 11 Professional: The latest and greatest operating system from Microsoft – Windows 11 Pro is feature rich and designed for the way we work today.

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Windows Server and Client Access Licenses (CALs)

We offer a wide range of Windows Server Products, all of which are available in the 2016, 2019, and 2021 versions. Our discounted prices mean you can make huge savings on your own and your customer's IT overheads.

Choose from:

  • Windows Server Standard: Perfect for small and medium businesses, this version has support for 16 cores and 2 virtual machines.
  • Windows Server Essentials: For small businesses looking to set up a server environment Windows Server Essentials is a perfect choice.
  • Windows Server Datacenter: For organizations dealing with high data traffic, Windows Server Datacenter makes data management and access easy.
  • Microsoft SQL Server – Storing, accessing, and fully utilizing data is a struggle for smaller enterprises. Microsoft SQL Server lets you unlock all that potential for a one-off low payment.
  • CALs – We also retail CAL licenses that are required in many instances to allow users to unlock all the features of your Windows Server Environment.

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Benefits of Buying Your Software From Brytesoft

We could just say because of the savings and leave it like that! But at Brytesoft, we do more than just sell software. Our commitment to customer care means that we are here to support you every step of the way.

Our bulk licenses can help hardware sellers boost profits by offering genuine copies of Windows and Office at irresistible prices. Businesses and other organizations can also benefit. Our discounted prices allow them to make huge savings on the cost of equipment roll-outs and server replacements or new server deployments.

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