Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard

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  • OEM version, permanently linked, full version, unrestricted use
  • Activation for 16 cores
  • Includes 64-bit and 32-bit version with automatic updates
  • One-time purchase, no subscription, direct download from Microsoft
  • Llifetime warranty, no expiration, money-back guarantee, instant delivery

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Product Key

Data Storage, Access, and Manipulation Made Easy!

With our data requirements growing daily, working with large amounts of data effectively is essential. This is where Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard steps up the mark. This powerful software package makes working with big data easy.

And now, thanks to Brytesoft, you can unlock the power of SQL Server 2019 Standard for a fraction of the usual cost.

For small businesses, freelancers, and the self-employed, working with large amounts of data is always difficult. Unlike large corporations that have dedicated data server farms and data specialists on the payroll, smaller operations have always struggled to fully utilize the power of data.

Microsoft SQL Server 2019 fills this gap. Now, Brytesoft can offer huge savings on the full package, including:

  • Full and unrestricted product
  • Unlimited duration of use
  • Activation includes access for 2 users
  • Receive your genuine product key within seconds
  • The product is downloaded directly from Microsoft

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Unlock the Power of Data with Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard

Today data is considered one of the biggest assets of any organization. Using this data to its full extent is essential to work efficiently, boost brand image, lower costs, and raise profits.

Storing and accessing all this data is a major challenge, especially for smaller operations. This is the void that Microsoft SQL Server addresses.

Amongst the features that make data management easy are:

  • Data Intelligence – SQL Server works with data across all your platforms without having to move or replicate it.
  • Multi-Platform – Works on Windows and Linux.
  • Security – Encrypted data enclaves and the fewest vulnerabilities of any major platform* make SQL Server 2019 the most trusted data product on the market (* as listed in the National Institute of Standards and Technologies National Vulnerabilities Database).
  • Unmatched High Availability – Always-on availability groups, cloud disaster recovery replicas, and fast failover routines ensure that your data is always there when you are!
  • Artificial Intelligence – Intelligent Query Processing (IQP) and AI-controlled archiving streamline the user experience.

Taking control of your data means taking control of your business. Now you can make huge savings on Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard thanks to Brytesoft. Click add to cart and take control of your data.

System Requirements for Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard

You can check the full system requirements here.

Why Purchase Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard from Brytesoft?

At Brytesoft, we pride ourselves on our commitment to customer care. This begins with our pricing structure, with huge savings to be made on full and unrestricted products. But our commitment to you doesn’t stop there. Our support resources and quick response to all queries are part of our pledge to treat each customer as an individual.

Bargain prices don’t mean making compromises. We appreciate every one of our customers and strive to make each step of your purchase simple and quick. And if you do have any problems, don’t worry. We are here to help.

Over 4700 of you have already told us this! With 4.9 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot, you can buy your copy of Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard with absolute confidence from Brytesoft.

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