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Microsoft Visio 2021 Professional: for the best appealing visualizations


Microsoft Visio 2021 Professional software is ideal for the simple creation of individual diagrams in a professional environment. The software solution is a consistent further development of the "Microsoft Visio 2019 Professional" version and has been available to users since October 2021.


Create impressive charts with a variety of tools

The capabilities of the Microsoft Visio 2021 Professional software primarily relate to the individual creation of high-quality and meaningful diagrams. With the help of numerous templates, Microsoft makes sure that getting started is easy. The templates are not only available in thousands of versions, but are also geared towards the needs of the users and are based on the experience of professional users. In many cases, the templates can still be adapted in the essential points in order to meet individual tastes and requirements. With the help of the templates, the user then creates diagrams of various types for the desktop or the web. The choice of options is very broad, especially in the current generation of software. Flow charts, organization charts or even floor plans leave almost nothing to be desired.

The technical possibilities for the individual design of your own diagrams go well beyond the classic templates. Microsoft Visio supports drawing with a pen or with a finger, for example, if a corresponding touch-enabled device is used. In order to provide the new diagrams with the required information, Microsoft Visio 2021 comes with several interfaces ex works. For example, import data sets from Excel or Access to integrate the relevant facts into your diagram.

One of the great strengths of the Microsoft Visio 2021 software is its very good accessibility. Thanks to this, you as a user benefit from improved speech output, a revised keyboard and the use of the software with several users at the same time. As the main user, however, you retain control even when working with colleagues; for example, you will receive a direct notification at any time of changes made. You also decide for yourself when and how the changes made by your colleagues should be adopted. The developer brings data security and collaboration with colleagues together in a successful combination.


Keep up to date with Visio 2021

The year 2021 brings some changes for the users of modern software. The developer not only brings the Microsoft Office applications up to date, but also publishes the new Windows 11 operating system and revises the individual applications that work closely with the Office suite. This also applies to the previously used Microsoft Visio 2019 Professional. However, the differences compared to Microsoft Visio 2019 Professional are rather manageable, among other things the developer is working on the design. The optics should adapt to the new Windows 11 and therefore convince with muted colors and rounded corners and edges. With the new dark mode, the developer is also introducing a feature compared to Microsoft Visio 2019 Professional, which should provide a better overview.


Combine the functionality with other software

However, with the older version Microsoft Visio 2019 Professional and the current version, you can only exploit the full capabilities and strengths in cooperation with other individual applications. The Microsoft Office applications in particular are considered a good choice. This is also due to the interfaces used. Visio is designed so that you can import various data sets directly for your diagrams. This applies, for example, to the Excel or Access programs. Transfer your databases or your spreadsheet directly into the Visio program in order to prepare them optically in the form of a diagram. The use of the other Office functions, for example PowerPoint or Word, harmonises perfectly with Visio and ensures significantly more productivity in everyday life. The same goes for teams. With the functionality of the program, you always stay in contact with your colleagues and can deal with upcoming projects in collaboration.

What are the system requirements?

These are the minimum system requirements for installing the Microsoft Visio 2021 Professional software on a PC. If your device does not meet these requirements, you may not be able to install it.


Operating System - Windows 10/11, Windows Server 2019/2021, Apple is not supported

Processor - 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster

RAM - 2 GB

Storage - 3 GB

Graphics card - DirectX 10 or higher

Display - 1280 x 800 or higher

Other - Internet connection, Microsoft Account (it's free)

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